Trap Hideout is the sixth stage for Carol Tea and Milla Basset & the seventh overall stage in Freedom Planet. It is the hideout of the gang of thief and orphans known as the Red Scarves, located in a storm drainage tunnel in Shang Tu.

Story Edit

For more information about the events leading into this Stage, see "Trap Hideout/Transcript".

Area 1Edit

This starting area of Trap Hideout will have Carol and Milla start by making their way downward, past the vertical, swooping, gliding security beams as well as several spikes. Once at the bottom, it's a straightaway to the right while avoiding more security beams, destroying several cans in their way, and fighting against several Irises while following the Laser Iris. At the end, the Laser Iris will fight them. Destroying it will allow passage to the next area.

Area 2Edit

This area is fairly big, and it is packed with several enemies, traps, and springs, as well as introducing pillar-like platforms that bob up and down with flames on their bottoms. Carol and Milla can also find barrels that they can ride on quickly, destroying any enemy that gets in their path. When they get to bridges made of fragile blocks, standing on them is usually required to proceed further in the area.

Area 3Edit

The third area of Trap Hideout starts out in a vertical room, featuring just a few more enemies, springs, and traps. At the top of the room is a mid-boss battle against the Crystal Basher. Afterwards, Carol and Milla will head into the exterior of the hideout, where they'll encounter more enemies, springs, traps, and pillar-like platforms. This area also introduces the Bike Ninjas, as well. At the end is an arena where they'll face off against a set number of Biker Ninjas (99 for Carol and 15 for Milla), and after that, the boss fight against Spade will start.


See also: Main Enemy List

  • Iris
  • Metal Pup
  • Blade Orbiter
  • Shock Puppet
  • Rocket Puncher
  • Bike Ninja

Achievements Edit

  • Card Collector (Trap Hideout): Collect all 10 cards in Trap Hideout.
  • Trap Hideout Speedrunner: Clear Trap Hideout in 6 minutes.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only stage with 2 Speedrun Targets, one for Version 1.15.2 & earlier and the other for Version 1.15.3 & later.

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