Treasure Chests are special containers that appear in Freedom Planet and Freedom Planet 2, placed throughout each stage of both games. There are 3 Keystones inside each chest. The Element of the Keystones you get will depend on the color of the crest on the chest, which changes very fast. The Treasure Chests can also be picked up and thrown by Milla.

Crest ColorsEdit

  • Blue Crest: Water Keystone
  • Green Crest: Wood Ketstone
  • Red Crest: Fire Keystone
  • Yellow Crest:Earth Keystone
  • Gray Crest: Metal Keystone

Freedom Planet 2Edit

The Treasure Chests are now bigger in size and contains more useful items such as Crystal Shards, Health Petals and new Power-Up. The characters even monologue in response of obtaining an item from the Chest. As of an Update, opening a Treasure Chest now requires pushing the up button, instead of attacking the Chest in order to open it.

Treasure Chest Quotes Edit

Lilac Quotes Edit

  • "Yes!"
  • "Sparkly."
  • "Treasure."

Carol Quotes Edit

  • "Sweet."
  • "Awesome!"

Milla Quotes Edit

  • "Ooh."
  • "Shiny!"
  • "Yay!"
  • "Nice!"

Neera Quotes Edit

  • "I'm confiscating this."
  • "Oh joy."
  • "Hmph."

Gallery Edit