Treasure Chest are special containers in Freedom Planet. They are placed throughout each stage of the game. There are 3 Keystones inside each chest. The Element of the Keystones you get will depend on the color of the crest on the chest, which changes very fast. The Treasure Chests can also be picked up and thrown by Milla.

Crest Colors Edit

  • Blue Crest: Water
  • Green Crest: Wood
  • Red Crest: Fire
  • Yellow Crest: Earth
  • Gray Crest: Metal

Freedom Planet 2Edit

Treasure Chests return in Freedom Planet 2. They are now bigger in size and contains more useful items such as Crystal Clusters and new Power-Up items. The characters even monologue when obtaining an item from the chest.

Treasure Chest Quotes Edit

Sash Lilac

  • "Yes!"
  • "Sparkly."
  • "Treasure."

Carol Tea

  • "Sweet."
  • "Awesome!"

Milla Basset

  • "Ooh."
  • "Shiny!"
  • "Yay!"
  • "Nice!"

Neera Li

  • "I'm confiscating this."
  • "Oh joy."
  • "Hmph."

Gallery Edit

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