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    Yeah, this is pretty pointless blog but I still decided to do this to remind myself only.

    I was one day thinking about if someday there would come a Finnish dub of this game, here's a dream team of voice actors (Most of them are from the Walt Disney Dubs, because these are the most succesful actors).

    Henna Haverinen as Sash Lilac (I haven't actually thought about female roles yet but when thinking this one, it actually fits Lilac's personality)

    Anna Abreu as Carol Tea (Okay, this is totally wild card here, as I don't much know about singers as voice actors)

    Kiti Kokkonen as Milla Basset (I was thinking this voice for Carol first)

    Paavo Kerosuo as Commander Torque (Very good voice for this guy)

    Santeri Kinnunen as Spade (Some manly voice for a gu…

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  • Megaphantaze

    Easter Egg section

    December 10, 2016 by Megaphantaze

    Hey, I am MegaPhantaze (Soon changing my name to MergaPhantaze, because why not). Decided to do a blog here in a matter that I have found some totally awesome secrets and stuff from Freedom Planet making me wish the sequel will have as much of them as this one.

    Some of the secrets are well known and some are you may not have heard of (There's things I found but have not found any video or media showing footage of it so I presume I am the first to introducing it).

    I found this one today when attempting to continue as Lilac. When I pressed Start Game, a derp face of Lilac came. After realizing a reason why other Lilac files has different face, I tried this with others too. So this is how you do it:

    You need to have 4 save files of same characte…

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